Various Antenna Types to Learn!

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Antenna is a device used to transmit radio or television signals.  An Antenna basically converts electromagnetic radiation into electric current or the other way around Aerial has its origin from a Latin word that means "sail yard".  There are many types of antennas and they are categorized in many different ways. It is also possible that a single aerial can both transmit and receive signals.  Generally transmitting aerials handle a good amount of electrical energy than receiving antennas.  Antennas are used widely in radio, television, radio detection and ranging systems.  They transmit and receive a variety of frequencies and are classified accordingly. The basic types are: 


  • Isotropic radiator -This is concerned primarily with theories. It is a point in space and neither has a specific dimension nor mass. This antenna does not exist physically.
  • Dipole antenna -As the name indicates it has two wires in opposite direction arranged vertically or horizontally.
  • Yagi -Uda antenna - Invented by the Japanese scientists it is a directional variation of the dipole antenna.
  • Random wire is  simply a long wire with one end connected and the other end free on space.
  • Parabolic antenna is used for high gain  such as satellite dishes
  • Horn is also used for high gain,but practically impossible for lower frequencies
  • Patch antenna consist of a square conductor mounted on a plane.


Radio antennas are classified based on the type of modulation.  If it is amplitude modulation AM, the frequency is 535kHz to 1605kHz and with frequency modulation FM, it is  88MHz to 108MHz.  Television antennas are classified as very high frequency antennas, VHF or ultra high frequency antennas, UHF.  Antennas are categorized in stores according to the customer needs.  The range of an antenna can be short, medium or long. 



When you buy a television antenna the selection depends on how close you reside to the transmitting station.  Antennas can be installed indoors, outdoors or at the attic.  Antennas are also classified based on their style.  Style here means the design.  It can also deal with the direction and collect signal from a key location or it is multidirectional, receiving signals from different towers broadcasting from varied locations.






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Various Antenna Types to Learn!

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