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In today's fast paced world, telecommunication forms a very essential element of daily life. Mobile telecommunication has the highest proliferation and reach in cities around the world as compared to any other communication mode. Apart from voice services, there is a host of data services such as mobile internet that is being offered through highly evolved telecom networks.

Use of Antennas in Mobile Telephony

Antennas form a very critical element for any wireless communication network, including mobile telephony networks. In a network design, antennas at the junction of wired and wireless network allow transmission and reception to and from space. There are various considerations that go toward the design and deployment of antennas. That includes the rated power of transmission and the frequency bands in which it is meant to operate.

One of the most important requirements of an antenna, however, is line of sight visibility. Signals transmitted through an antenna can travel over longer distances and without any distortion if they do not face any physical obstacles such as trees, buildings, etc between the transmission antenna and the receiving device. For the same reason antennas, are usually mounted in an open space and at elevated altitudes within the area of transmission.

Rooftop Antenna Tower in Urban Landscape

Antennas are usually mounted on tall structures which may be in the form of a guyed mast, latticed self standing tower, or even a dedicated concrete structure. However, in densely populated areas, antennas are mounted on rooftops of tall buildings which serve as an economical way to mount antennas rather than create a dedicated structure for the same which may be impractical in a busy and developed city.

There are innovations in rooftop mounting of antennas too which ensure that minimal intrusion is done to the building. There are special anchors that help antennas to be mounted on glass or a fiber glass roof too without the need to bore through it.

Considerations in Rooftop Antenna Tower Design

Among the important considerations for rooftop mounting is the altitude of the building and the availability of a supporting structure to mount the antenna mounts. There should be adequate and uninterrupted power supply to the equipment without any downtime.

Within city limits, there are usually stringent norms mandated by local authorities for transmission power. There should be adequate care taken to ensure that even the maximum strength of any signal should be well within the prescribed limits.

Acquisition of the site through a lease and with all the legal terms of building owners is essential to avoid any disputes and to render smooth service.

With many legal, location, and design considerations governing the successful commissioning of rooftop installations, it makes sense to engage an experienced consultant to manage the details. Professional turnkey telecom providers grant an end-to-end solution for most telecom infrastructure needs, including rooftop antenna tower design and installation.

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Rooftop Antenna Tower Solutions

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This article was published on 2010/10/31