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High-definition television sets are becoming more common these days. There are plenty of inexpensive models that should convince you to throw away your old bulky unit and enjoy the power saving features and improved visuals of an HDTV. However, you won't be able to experience the full benefits of your TV unless you watch some high-definition content. This shouldn't be a problem if you have a Blu-ray player along with some attractive titles to enjoy. But if you want to watch your favorite TV shows without getting into downloading or streaming, you may have to contact your cable company only to be greeted with an unattractive subscription rate. Subscribing for the HD service may not be your only option though because there are ways to use the classic antenna approach to pick up some free high-definition signals.

There is some luck involved in picking up these signals and the results can vary depending on your location. But if you want the best chances of getting free HD content over the air, you will need a special antenna. Some dealers like to call these antennas HDTV antennas but if you really want quality without risk, you should go for a recognizable electronics brand. Philips happens to offer some nice Philips HDTV antennas that have a lot of positive reviews by customers. Here are some of the best  Philips HDTV antenna models that you can get online.

Philips SDV2940/27

If you are looking for an all-purpose TV antenna for a reasonable price, the SDV2940/27 is a popular choice. This HDTV antenna is made for outdoor use since it is weatherproof all around. The surface is paintable as well. But since this antenna has a compact panel design, the antenna can be placed indoors and will receive a good signal. As long as the base is sturdy, you should have no difficulties in installing with the mounting kit it comes with. You can mount the Philips SDV2940/27 on walls as well. Proper antenna positioning will allow the antenna to receive digital signals as well as UHF analog signals. Weak signals can be amplified with an 18 dB booster. This antenna should cost around $25 to $40.

Philips PHDTV1

If you are living in a dense urban area, you may need a special HDTV antenna that has a more sophisticated design so it can properly receive good broadcasting signals. The PHDTV1 is one of the best Philips indoor HDTV antenna that the company offers. It is specifically made with HD in mind being capable of receiving 780p and 1080i digital broadcasts. It manages to solve signal corruption problems by featuring a high front to back ratio. The flat front gain slope also helps balance the reception so the antenna can properly receive the channel signals evenly. The price is a bit higher ranging from $50 to $60 but there are not many indoor antennas that are capable of capturing clear HD signals.

Philips brand is the way to go whether you need an indoors or outdoors solution. Remember to check out the Philips HDTV antenna.

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Philips HDTV Antenna

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This article was published on 2011/10/12